Spring Yoga in Almonte

The spring yoga schedule (April-June) is well underway and some of the students are experiencing wonderful changes!!

One of the women in the Gentle/Adaptive class on Thursday mornings was thrilled to find she could not only get up and down off of her mat, but she was able to sit cross-legged in comfort as well, and she is happy to report that her hip no longer is constantly painful.

She has lived with arthritis in her hips and knees for many years and has had this result after only 8 classes. (**she does do her homework though**)

All of the Thursday morning students have found they are now more able to get up out of a chair and down into one with much more ease, and often don’t need to use their hands and arms for help.

We have been exploring our core muscle support system in the Therapeutic Hatha/Movement classes using complex movement patterns, balancing positions, and isolated joint movements – all with a few laughs and the occasional “wow, that is hard work”!

There are students of all ages and walks of life in the classes and there is always room for one or two more to join us.

Registration is on-going, so contact me if you would like to get started.

Much love,



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