Yoga Class Descriptions

Yoga Breath and Movement

Who is this for?

Everyone who has moderate to full mobility

What do we do?

Breathing, centring, connecting, exploring.

We start each class with the breath, bringing awareness and connection to your internal and external self.

As the class progresses, we explore movements that activate the deep core and the muscles of the spine and the hip and shoulder girdles.

The second half of the class brings positions and flows that create coordination, stability and strength.

We end with Savasana (integration through relaxation and release) and quiet reflection or meditation.

Challenge level:


Gentle/Adaptive Yoga Inspired Movement

Who is this for?

Everyone, including those with limited mobility, recovering from trauma and/or surgery, or who might have persistent and ongoing pain

What do we do?

**This class is meant to be experienced without causing pain or increasing any existing pain levels**

Each class begins with breathing and centring, followed by explorations of movements of the joints of the body.

Starting from the top of the head and moving to the feet, we create space, stability and strength through awareness and mindful movement in accessible ranges of motion.

This class is taught so that students can be seated in a chair, on a mat, or at some points, in a standing position – there are always options offered!

Challenge level:

Individual circumstances will determine how challenging this class is.

Concierge Yoga Coaching

Who is this for?


What do we do?

CYC is individualized or small group (max 4) movement coaching that leads toward a specific goal.

You choose the goal (or if it’s a small group, the common goal) you are moving toward, and I’ll design a 4 week program specifically for you. This means a program can be created to help you feel confident to get up off the floor, to build stability and strength for the gardening season, to improve your golf swing, or recover from surgery or illness.

Each class will start with breathing and centring before moving on to exploring the component parts of the movements involved in your chosen activity or goal.

The second half of the class will be dedicated to combining those pieces of movement into more complex positions and flows that are geared to your current abilities, but will gently build your movement capacity.

Home-practice material will be included.

Challenge Level

This program is dedicated to your personal goals, so we make it as challenging, or as easeful, as you feel comfortable with.