Dynamic Mechanics Masterclass

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I developed this program for Massage Therapists who love their job but are finding that their career potential is being limited by pain, physical injury or burnout. 

The Dynamic Mechanics Masterclass is a 5-week program that takes massage therapists through the 5 stages of Movement Improvement  – Allowing, Feeling, Activating, Co-ordinating and Integrating – so that they can create a mobile, strong and stable body capable of carrying them through a long and profitable career. 

This program is different from most mechanics classes in a few ways…

  • It’s presented over the 5 week span so that participants can progress through the stages and build strength on a stable foundation
  • There is recorded content as well as weekly live classes (via Zoom) 
  • Participants have Zoom access to any of my regular yoga classes that are running at the time
  • You have lifetime access to the program material and videos 
  • And the biggest difference, in my opinion, is that participants leave with their own Healthy Movement Blueprint.  They discover how to self-assess and break movement down into its component parts so they can address physical challenges that come up in the future, not just what they’re experiencing at the time of the program. 

(Not to mention, some of the work we do you’ll be able to use for remex programs for your clients as well! 😉

I’m Barb and I’ve been a Massage Therapist in Ontario for over 25 years, and a Yoga teacher since 2006. I specialize in the therapeutic application of Yoga-inspired movement, breath and mindfulness. 

After being in this profession for so long and having to figure out for myself how to keep my body functioning and pain-free, I’m incredibly passionate about Massage Therapists being able to stay in their chosen career, doing what they love, for as long as they want to.

Barb Goodwin, RMT

Got questions? Send me a message here and I’ll be happy to answer them – heck, we can even get on the phone for a chat! 

Stay Tuned!! Next Masterclass coming soon!!! Send me a message so you can have access to pre-registration!