Yoga is not sitting in Lotus position chanting Om. Yoga is not Triangle, Mountain, Tree or even Warrior One. Nor is it the Sanskrit translation of those poses.

Yoga, although rooted in Hinduism, is not Hinduism, nor is it Christianity or Buddhism. Yoga is not a class you attend once or twice a week. Yoga is not a gift wrapped answer to all of your problems. Yoga is not touching your toes or your nose.

A yoga class with Almonte's Barb Goodwin

Yoga is a personal experience

The Sanskrit word Yoga has several translations and can be interpreted in many ways. It comes from the root “yug” and originally meant “to hitch up,” as in attaching horses to a vehicle. Another definition was “to put to active and purposeful use.” Still other translations are “yoke, join, or concentrate.” Essentially, yoga has come to describe a means of uniting, or a method of discipline.

Yoga happens in layers

For me, Yoga is a way of being in a place united with all parts of the self, and living a life that is actively purposeful. Practicing stillness (meditation), connection to breath (pranayama), and movement (hatha/asana) allow for this unification and purposeful life to happen. These practices are the path to Yoga, not Yoga in and of itself.

Pain, whether it be physical or emotional, takes away from the ability to be actively purposeful, to explore and discover Yoga. Through breath, stillness, movement and touch, I support people on their individual path towards Yoga.

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